Extend Your Living Space & Dine Alfresco With A Patio Awning By Alcas

Beautiful bespoke solar shading systems. We pride ourselves on providing you the finest awning systems available. High quality German engineered product that reflect the design & style of your home. Clean lines, avant-garde shapes, luxury fabrics, endless options...

Take a look at our range of systems below to find which awning product suits your home

Cassita Awning Weinor Cassita II Full Cassette Patio Awning

Cassita II - Full Cassette Patio Awning System - Available motorised with lighting and heating add-on options.  The entry level Weinor awning system & our best seller

Semina Life Patio Awning Weinor Semina Life Full Cassette Patio Awning

Semina Life - Full Cassette Patio Awning System - Available with integrated lighting and heating.  The Semina is the latest and most unique Weinor system

Livona Awning Weinor Livona Floating Patio Awning

The Livona - As if floating, this open patio awning unit gives the wow factor.  Available motorised with integrated lights and heating add-ons

Fabrics - Over 400 different fabric choices - 10 year fade guarantee

Opal Awning Weinor Opal Design II Full Cassette Patio Awning

Opal Design - Full Cassette Patio Awning System - Available with integrated lighting and heating. The Opal is tried and tested,  The classic awning system

Fabrics Weinor My Collections

Colours - Nearly 50 different frame colours with 7 new metallic finishes.  Your awning cassette will blend into any exterior decor

Zenara Awning Weinor Zenara Full Cassette Patio Awning

Zenara - Top of the range - The ultimate awning system.  Designed with a modern architect in mind, a system that reflects the vision of Weinor

Alcas Awning Controls Somfy Motorisation & Automation

Alcas Control - Operate your awning via Somfy remote controlled motorisation. Wirefree RTS Technology with smartphone compatibility

The ultimate structured awning - perfect for entertaining in all weather conditions

Weinor Plaza Viva The Plaza Viva - The ulitimate rain awning
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What are the benefits of an Alcas Patio Awning?

Do they just look good and provide shade from the hot sun?

Although they do offer these two benefits, they offer much more on top. An awning is an extension of your home, an outdoor room to enjoy a summers day. An awning offers shade for those who want it and not for those who don't. It offers exterior shade for any alfresco activity whilst also offering the most effective interior shading possible. Keeping the sunlight off the patio glass reduces heat twice as effectively as any internal blind or shade. The heat never gets chance to build on the inside of the glass and warm the room. It also offers much needed protection for your fixtures and fittings, your soft furnishings, your carpets or your designer furniture.

It can offer the warm sense of security of been seated under a structure as the sun goes down and the temperature drops - the ability to switch on the integrated lights and heaters allow you the flexibility to extend your evening as long as you want.

It will keep a party going in a shower or in persistent rain - imagine being able to plan a family garden get-together or BBQ rather than rushing ringing round friends & family the day before just because you know the sun is going to be shining. An awning gives you the freedom to not worry about the sometimes unpredictable British weather.

More importantly an awning offers you a retractable option, in or out your awning will be a stunning aesthetic addition to your home that is much more cost effective than any structured extension or conservatory.

More and more of us are investing in our gardens now, what better way than a beautiful bespoke awning by Alcas.

How do we utilize our garden?

Our garden means more to us these days, it's an extension of our home, a place to be proud of and very often the first impression any of our guests get on arrival to our home.   Our garden is a reflection of us, our style, taste and character. It's more than just a place to get some fresh air.. We need to take time to reflect, time to chat, time to entertain. Our garden gives us all this. On a warm day when the sun is shining, our garden has become the busy hub of all our social activities. A place for a morning coffee, a flick through the days newspapers, a chat with the neighbor or full-on family get together. Nothing is better than a warm day with friends in a garden we feel proud of and have worked hard to achieve.

Make the most of it with a beautiful bespoke awning by Alcas...

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Livona Awning Weinor Livona Floating Patio Awning
Livona Awning Weinor Livona Floating Patio Awning

The Livona Awning System
By Weinor

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Semina Awning Weinor Semina Life Full Cassette Patio Awning

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