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Beautiful bespoke solar shading systems.  We pride ourselves on providing you the finest awning systems available in the UK.  Luxury engineered awning products that reflect the style & aesthetics of your home.  Stunning finishes, clean lines, avant-garde shapes, luxury fabrics, endless options... 

Motorised Zenara Awning A beautiful outdoor space covered by an Alcas full cassette awning

Whatever the reason for your interest in Patio Awnings, we can provide you the perfect solution. Be it simple shade from the sun and cover from the rain, or transforming your outdoor seating & dining area into a covered space to enjoy the Alfresco Lifestyle.
Don’t let the glaring hot sun or light passing shower drive you from your garden decking or patio area. With a Patio Awning from Alcas, you control the weather and can continue to enjoy your outdoor space rain or shine.  A Patio Awning gives you the shade and protection you want, when you want it.
Installing an Awning from Alcas could be the most enjoyable investment you make for your home.

Love your garden

Enhance it.. make the most of it...

Opal Design II Awning from Alcas ALCAS Opal Design Awning with LED lights fitted in York

The Opal Design II LED Awning

Opal Design II Awning close up ALCAS Opal Design Awning with LED lights side profile
Opal Design II Awning ALCAS Opal Design Awning with LED lighting

Relax with friends..

Extend & enjoy your outdoor space..

Semina Life LED Awning Full cassette Semina Life LED Awning fitted with 2 x Tempura heaters
Semina Life LED Awning Full cassette Semina Life LED Awning fitted with 2 x Tempura heaters

"I am highly delighted with my awning, it is a wonderful addition to my patio and has received lots of compliments"

Mrs Lodge LEEDS

Take a look through some of our recent installations...

Our customers recommend Alcas and the imagery speaks for itself.

The Semina Life LED Awning

Semina Life LED With Valance Plus Full cassette Semina Life LED Awning complete with Valance Plus

Proud of your home?

Enhance it with a stylish awning from Alcas

Cassita LED Awning Enjoy your awning at the touch of a button
Cassita II LED Deep Blue Cassita II awning fitted in London

The Cassita II LED Awning

The Cassita II awning is our entry level full cassette awning system. 

Available with LED and Tempura Heating add-on options

Cassita II LED Awning in purple An illuminated Cassita II Awning brightening up the lazy evening

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The Kubata - The latest awning system from Weinor

The Kubata awning A fantastic Kubata installation in Wetherby

"The avant-garde shape of the Weinor Kubata makes it the designer awning among all awnings and shades. For modern houses, this cassette awning engages in harmonious dialogue with the facade"

Weinor GB

A Stunning Kubata awning installation in Wetherby Kubata square line full cassette luxury awning system
Weinor Kubata awning The latest top of the range unit from Weinor

The Kubata awning is designed with architecture in mind, aimed specifically at the new build market.  The structured Cube shape will compliment any modern square structure

The Semina Life Awning below is one of our most popular models

Semina Life LED The Semina Life LED awning with a deep red fabric, set on a beautiful patio area in Harrogate

The Semina Life LED awning system available with integrated LED lighting & Heaters

Semina Life LED A view of the side profile of th Semina Life LED awning
Semina Lifestyle The view from above - An impressive patio area covered by an Alcas Awning

Take a look at a recent Semina Life Awning installation

A Semina Life LED Screen V+ Awning fitted in Harrogate

Complimenting an already beautiful outdoor space, this unit has LED lighting with lux level adjustment, 2 Tempura heaters & Screen V+ all controlled via the 5 channel remote control.

The motorised drop down valance (Valance PLUS or V+) can be stopped in any position to offer extra shade and privacy and is also controlled via the same  5M remote.

Semina Life LED The Semina Life LED awning with a deep red fabric, set on a beautiful patio area
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Semina Life LED A bright awning cover on a Semin Life LED Valance Plus Awning

What are the benefits of an Alcas Patio Awning?

Do they just provide shade from the hot sun?

Although they do offer much needed shade from the sun, they offer many more additional benefits. A garden awning is an extension of your home, an outdoor room to enjoy on a summers day. A retractable awning offers shade for those who want it and sunshine for those who don't. It offers exterior shade for any alfresco activity whilst also providing the most effective interior shading possible. Keeping the sunlight off the patio door or window glass reduces heat inside much more efficiently than any internal blind or shade.   It also offers much needed protection for your fixtures and fittings, your soft furnishings, your carpets or your designer furniture.


As you sit under the structure of an awning, it will leave you with a warm sense of security as as the sun goes down and the temperature drops. The added ability to switch on the integrated lights and heaters allow you the flexibility to extend your evening as long as you want.

  An awning will keep a party going in a shower or in persistent rain - imagine being able to plan a family garden get-together or BBQ weeks in advance, rather than rushing round the day before just because you know the sun is going to be shining. An awning gives you the freedom to not worry about the sometimes unpredictable British weather. In or out your awning will be a stunning aesthetic addition to your home that is much more cost effective than any structured extension or conservatory.

More and more of us are investing in our gardens now, what better way than a beautiful bespoke Alcas garden awning.

How do we utilize our garden?

Our garden means more to us these days, it's an extension of our home, a place to be proud of and very often the first impression any of our guests get on arrival to our home.   Our garden is a reflection of us, our style, taste and character. It's more than just a place to get some fresh air.. We need to take time to reflect, time to chat, time to entertain. Our garden gives us all this. On a warm day when the sun is shining, our garden has become the busy hub of all our social activities. A place for a morning coffee, a flick through the days newspapers, a chat with the neighbor or full-on family get together. Nothing is better than a warm day with friends in a garden we feel proud of and have worked hard to achieve.

Make the most of it with a beautiful bespoke patio awning from Alcas...

Recent awning installation in Cookridge ALCAS Opal Design Awning with LED lighting and tempura heater
Recent awning installation in Cookridge ALCAS Opal Design Awning with LED lighting

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Opal Design II Awning with LED A recent installation in Birkenshaw
Opal Design II Awning with LED A recent installation in Birkenshaw
Opal Design II Awning with LED Precision installations with an attention to detail from Alcas
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A Bar at home with a twist of style Stunning Opal Design II LED awning with Tempura Heaters
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Other awnings in our range


Livona Awning A side view of the unique Livona Awning


Opal Design Awning II The Opal Design II Awning is the classic high end model


Topas square bar awning The Topas square bar awning

The Livona Awning By Weinor

  • Ultra-slim front profile
  • Only 2 brackets are required (up to a width of 600 cm)
  • Suitable for larger widths and projections
  • Elegant aluminium side caps

  • Livona Awning Weinor Livona Floating Patio Awning
    Plaza Viva Awning A stunning installation of the Plaza Viva Awning in Halifax

    Pergolas & Structured Awnings

    The Plaza Viva Rain Awning

    Plaza Viva structured Awning The Plaza Viva structured Awning
    Plaza Viva Rain Awning The Plaza Viva Rain Awning

    If you are looking for a more fixed structure to offer more protection from wind and rain - We have a fantastic range of luxury Pergola systems to suit all requirements and all tastes.

    PergoTex From Weinor

    PergoTex Weinors PergoTex LED illuminating an outdoor area
    PergoTex A large outdoor area covered bt the PergoTex by Weinor
    PergoTex Close up view of the PergoTex by Weinor
    Modern Grey Fabrics A selection of over 500 fabrics
    Modern Beige Fabrics A selection of over 500 fabrics
    Semina Awning Weinor Semina Life Full Cassette Patio Awning
    Automate Motorise your awning with remote control operation

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