Dine Alfresco Dine Alfresco with an awning by Alcas

Alcas Semina Life Awning by Weinor

Smart, modern, stylish -  The full cassette system that offers that little bit more..

The Semina Life / Semina Life LED cassette-awning from Weinor is the all-rounder among cassette-awnings. Its modern design blends in perfectly with any style of architecture. The cassette protects the awning fabric against moisture and dirt at any time of the year. For the excellent deployment of the fabric, the Semina Life / Semina Life LED is equipped with the low-noise weinor LongLife arm.

The patent pending LED single spotlights are integrated into the Semina Life LED cassette housing. The LED spotlights emit a warm white light and, with their 2.6 watt per spotlight, they have a luminosity that can be compared to a 20 watt halogen bulb. They consume 85 % less electricity. The LED spotlights have a guaranteed operating life of at least 30,000 light hours. The LED spotlights are infinitely dimmable and the Semina LIFE is extended and retracted using the BiConnect radio control (optional). The electrical components and connections will be installed on site.

The Semina Life / Semina Life LED is equipped with the highly stable Weinor LongLife arm.  The pitch can be adjusted particularly easily from 5° to 25° using the bracket.

The high-quality design of the Semina Life / Semina Life LED is also characterised by the choice of materials that are used. Extruded aluminium is used to manufacture every profile. This also applies to the standard fixing brackets. The stable roller tube is coated with high-quality Galvalume and is thus absolutely corrosion-resistant.

Every aluminium profile is pre-treated with a chrome-free coating according to DIN 50939 and powder-coated in façade quality. The Semina Life/Semina Life LED is available in 47 select RAL colours as standard or in 9 scratchproof and resistant trendy conservatory colours with an elegant textured look. We also offer a choice of approx. 150 other RAL colours.

Semina Life - Awning fabric

The awning fabric consists of a high-quality acrylic or polyester material, single-colour or striped. The colour and pattern can be selected freely from the Weinor collection. Both fabric qualities are spinneret dyed. This means that the basic material is dyed – the best quality in terms of permanent colour brilliance, long service life and UV protection. Furthermore, the fabrics are dirt-, water- und oil-repellent thanks to the nano finishing.

Semina Life - Operation

As standard, the awning is operated with a radio controlled motor which is integrated into the roller tube, using a wall-mounted switch or a handheld radio transmitter. Gear drive is available on request. All electrical connections will be made on site.

Semina Awning Weinor Semina Life Full Cassette Patio Awning
Semina Life Awning Children playing under the Semina Life awning

The Semina Life Awning is the latest model from Weinor, launched last year this system is our mid range offering with top end design 

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Tempura Heaters Full cassette Semina Life LED Awning complete with Tempura Heater

Bespoke heating options - operated via your awning remote control

Semina Life LED Awning Close up of the side profile of the Semina Life

Dimmable lighting at the touch of a button

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A recent Semina Life project

The Semina Life awning fitted to create an enclosed outdoor space next to a clients new extension. This unit has LED lighting with lux level adjustment, controlled via the 5 channel remote control. The motorised drop down valance (Valance PLUS) is also controlled via the same remote.

Note the (optional) substantial bespoke brackets, powder coated to match the awning cassette - These stand-off brackets were created this size to give the client the required projection of the unit to match the projection of the new building extension.

  • Zenara installation in Roundhay
  • Weinor Semina Life Full Cassette Patio Awning
Semina Life LED Awning Enjoy your warm summer evenings with this stunning Semina Life awning from Weinor

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