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All Alcas Awnings come with Somfy automation as standard. 
Somfy are the leading light in home automation and specialize in external solar protection for your home.
Operate your awning via remote control or with your smart phone..
Rest at ease knowing your awning will retract automatically in heavy rain or if the wind picks up.  Protect your soft furnishings with automatic shading - if the suns out, your awning will be too.
Somfy smart control We have various awning control options
Alcas awning controls We've seen all types control solutions and offer the best all round awning controllers

Select from one of the numerous remote styles..

Somfy's 3D Eolis wind and vibration sensor is mounted within the front profile of your awning to give complete protection.  Relax in the knowledge your awning will retract automatically whenever necessary.

3D Eolis 3D Eolis

Effortless automation from Somfy

Somfy smart controls from Alcas Somfy IO
Somfy smart control Somfy smart controls
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