PergoTex System By Weinor

The Ultimate Pergola Awning System

The Weinor PergoTex II model pergola awning is a flexible all-weather folding awning with a robust, waterproof, virtually UV-proof, opaque or light-transmitting PVC awning material. The structure comprising posts, guttering and a folding awning has been tested according to DIN 13561, wind resistance class 3. When fully extended, it can withstand wind loads of up to Force 6 on the Beaufort scale. Virtually any length can be selected regardless of the width. The weinor PergoTex II is available in a single-section design with a maximum width of 700 cm, a maximum length of 650 cm and just two posts. PergoTex models with a width of 451 cm and more are supplied with three side channels.

The high quality of the Weinor PergoTex II is also characterised by the choice of materials that are used. Extruded aluminium is used to manufacture every profile.  

Surface treatment - Every aluminium profile is pre-treated with a chrome-free coating according to DIN 50939 and powder-coated in façade quality. The standard version of the weinor PergoTex II type pergola awning comes in one of 47 RAL standard colours or is optionally available in one of 8 trendy conservatory colours. We also offer a choice of approx. 150 other RAL colours for an extra charge. On request, the transoms can be coated in a colour similar to that of the fabric colours. 

Weinor PergoTex II structure - Highly resistant PVC material is attached to the sturdy aluminium transoms. The transoms are guided by the side channels. The side channels are fitted between wall gap sealing profile, which is attached directly onto the house wall, and to the supporting structure comprising posts and guttering. The PVC awning material consists of multiple layers of coated PVC, making it especially robust, waterproof and virtually UV-proof. 5 standard PVC colours are available (Pergona classic). 5 other colours may be ordered for an extra charge and can be chosen from the Pergona fabric collection. For the LED option, up to 48 LED spotlights are integrated into the transoms depending on the size.

Controlled water drainage - If the Weinor PergoTex II type pergola awning is used as rain protection, the minimum pitch is 8° and the maximum pitch is 25°.  As a result of this, any falling rain flows down optimally to the rain gutter at the front of the supporting structure and drains off through the supporting posts when the unit is extended.  The rain falling on the fabric safety shield is discharged directly using a small guttering with lateral channels and not along the fabric. This will prevent undesired streaks on the fabric.

Tensioning technology - The heavy-duty pull system comprising a highly resistant toothed belt on ball bearings and ultra-quiet rollers means that the unit extends and retracts evenly and infinitely. The torque-off feature in the electrical motor supplied as standard ensures that the fabric even remains taut when the unit is extended even if the unit expands due to fluctuations in temperature.  A beautifully shaped aluminium fabric safety shield has been designed as a chamber profile and has a noise-reducing effect when it rains. Thanks to the smooth surface, it is easy to clean.

It protects the transoms and PVC awning material on the folding roof against dirt and moisture when the unit is retracted.  As standard, the pergola awning is operated with a motor, which is operated at the touch of a button or optionally using a handheld radio transmitter. All electrical connections will be made on site.

PergoTex Weinors PergoTex LED illuminating an outdoor area

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